EMM Equipment FZCO, founded in 2011, in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. EMM Equipment deals with machines and accessories for processing sealants and
adhesives. We perform services for clients in India, Middle East and Africa region (see ‘Network’). EMM Equipment is a European owned company, with many years of experience
in the sealant and adhesive business and equipment for mixing and metering.

Our core business is the distribution of mixing and metering units and specialist advisory services. In co-operation with our manufacturer, t-s-i.de Misch- und Dosiertechnik GmbH and
ecomac.biz, we develop and build special plant, supply standard machines and keep associated equipment and accessories available for you.

For any inquiries please go to ‘contact’ or send an e-mail to:
Continuous growth in a market with a future
Our customers are the focal point of our business.

Our core business is the manufacture of mixing and metering plant and specialist advisory services. We develop and build special plant, supply standard machines and keep
associated equipment and accessories available for you. We design automated processing plant, and program robot systems for mass performance of gluing operations. We attach
the greatest importance to the high-value production of equipment “Made in Germany”. In the process, we employ Germany quality products and subject our own products to the
strictest verification.

To meet these quality requirements, we work in close collaboration with our customers and with sealant and adhesive manufacturers, as well as with polytechnics and universities,
on Further development and innovative products. Our international business orientation is demonstrated by our world-wide network of agents and dealers. At our production plant in
Vinningen, Rhineland-Palatinate, we have created the necessary space for innovation and production capacity. We offer “all-in-one” solutions. That way, you need deal with only
one contact, and keep risk to a minimum. As providers of integrated solutions, we take responsibility for the whole process: from consulting and development through manufacture to
delivery, operational guarantee and service.
Ecomac.biz SRL was incorporated in 2004, in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Currently, the company has 20 employees. We perform services for clients from Romania, Germany and from
all over the world. We are a German-owned company, managed by a German Director. All employees are foreign language speakers, enabling communication with international clients
in their mother tongue (Romanian, German, English, French, Italian) – hence making collaboration much easier for all partners.

Our philosophy is based on the German quality principle, which we comply with by using direct flows and a strict quality control of all our products and services. Our sales team deals
successfully with the ever-growing Romanian market (over 20,000,000 inhabitants). It would be our pleasure if you entrusted us with the sale of ours qualitative products on the
Romanian market.

Ecomac. biz SRL is the representative of t-s-i.de Misch- und Dosiertechnik GmbH in Romania. We benefit from the expertise of specialized technicians and ensure permanent
availability of the spare parts required for the common adhesive systems provided by t-s-i.de. Over the past years, we managed to sell approximately 40 such plants on the Romanian
market, to manufacturers of thermal insulating glass, vehicles and utility vehicles, as well as to representatives of other industrial branches.
Our Service
Our wide product range consists of modern systems technology. Because of our versatile pump technology, such as pistol pumps, ball pumps, dosing pumps and gear pumps, we are
in the position to process, meter and mix, all of the common sealants and adhesives, from liquid to high viscosity.

Our customers are the major focus of our business. We want to satisfy each and every customer with the best support and service. Anytime you need EMM Equipment to support you
, we guarantee to be here for you.

For any inquiries please go to ‘contact’ or send an e-mail to:
Its HISTORY began in about 1930, when GIUSEPPE STROPPA founded a company specialised in production of spray guns, accessories for compressed air and compressors; this
prestigious company still existent in the present market followed several developments. At the end of 1970 Mr. FELICE PEDERSOLI, chief foreman and supervisor of that firm with
Mr. DAVIDE SACCO, Mr. STROPPA's grandson continued the tradition creating the company ESSEPI, whose excellent operating result is the new company P.M.T. The great merit of

P.M.T. is to have been able to reconcile perfectly a working experience handed back from generations and a modern professional and technological research.P.M.T. is an Italian
company born in 1987 and specialized in the production and trade of spray guns, guns, accessories and fittings for compressed air. The firm is near Bergamo, about 30 miles in the
east of Milan, one of the most developed industrial areas in Italy.P.M.T. S.r.l is CERTIFIED EN ISO9001 (2000) CERTIFICATE NO. IQ-0900-10 its quality management system; for that
reason it takes advantages from external skilled engineers and will achieve knowledge in all advanced technologies.
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